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Commercial Lines


At Onecap Services, we understand that businesses face a diverse range of evolving financial needs. Whether you are a commercial enterprise or local non-profit organization, we can offer access to the latest product developments. We design custom insurance solutions that work best with your interests.

General Liability

Whether you are an expansive commercial enterprise or local non-profit organization, extend your protection beyond the basics by custom-making a Commercial Liability insurance coverage plan tailored to your needs. 

Worker's Compensation

Required-by-law, worker-related insurance will help you avoid the risk of major financial loss and the potential of future lawsuits, as well as protect your employees from a loss of income.

Ocean & Inland Marine

We can design insurance coverage for you that address every kind of air, water, and land travel so you can feel secure about the safety of your shipments.

Crime & Fidelity

With commercial crime insurance, you can help protect your company from a loss of time, money, or inventory resulting from crime that can happen in even the best-managed work environments. 

Directors & Officers

Take measures to protect yourself from being held liable for actions or decisions made in management of the business especially potential lawsuits from employees and shareholders against the people in charge.

Commercial Property

From owning an office building to working out of your apartment, property insurance protects your business' physical assets from the unexpected and will help to ensure the future security of your business.

Disability (DBL)

Disability insurance provides financial support for eligible employees when a worker is incapacitated by illness or disability that occurs from a non-occupational injury and helps protect your company's funds in the process. 

Business Auto

Vehicles used for business are are in constant use, and often by a rotating roster of drivers. Insuring your vehicles will ensure that this essential element of your business will not be a costly liability. 


Environmental insurance helps you to maintain financial control of your business in the face of those unexpected, and potentially costly, environmental challenges.

EPL & Fiduciary

Employment Practices Liability & Fiduciary Liability insurance helps protect businesses and individuals against lawsuits involving employment practice disputes or management practices of employee benefit plans. 

Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance helps protects you and your business from claims brought by clients for negligence, omissions, or alleged errors in rendering professional or personal services. 


Representations and warranties insurance protects buyers and sellers from transaction based contract mis-representations (typically corporate mergers and acquisitions).

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