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About Onecap Services, LLC

Onecap Services is a client-focused Insurance and Risk Mitigation firm that brings a rare blend of intellectual capability and technical sophistication to a service-driven model that strives for nothing but excellence in every way. Established to create custom solutions for client partners, our business grows only with our client’s success.


Our vast network of insurance carriers rivals that of multi-national firms and says much about our involvement in a diverse community. We use this rich availability of choice to gain unique advantages for our clients. This distinct difference affords us the flexibility to deliver the optimal results for our clients.


We have built our team the same way we build everything - deliberately. Many of us have worked together for years, forming a community atmosphere of top P&C insurance professionals who easily handle technical and large scale issues because of wide-ranging and diverse backgrounds. Brought together by a culture of high-service standards and we are flexible enough to handle rapid changes in today’s world.  Click here to have someone from our team contact you

Peter Lefkowitz,Esq.

Peter is a principal of Onecap Services, LLC, a full service property and casualty insurance brokerage firm.


In 1991, he began his career at HUB Insurance, formally known as Kaye Insurance Associates, and successfully completed their management training program. During his career at HUB he rose to the level of Director and oversaw a commercial lines team. In addition to managerial responsibilities, Peter was responsible for new business, marketing and service.


In 1996 he joined The Harbor Group as Executive Vice President and had full operational responsibility for the firm including hiring staff, new business production, marketing and service delivery for all commercial and individual clients. In addition, Peter advised many conduit lenders on their insurance requirements, including GMAC, the primary lender on the World Trade Center.


Following the acquisition of The Harbor Group in 1999 by National 

Financial Partners (“NFP”), Peter served as the Executive Vice President of Preferred Services Group and subsequently became the Regional President of NFP Property and Casualty Services Inc.


Peter is a graduate of Brandeis University and received his law degree from The Touro College of Law. He currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and three children.


Carey Gruenbaum


Carey is a principal of Onecap Services, LLC, a full service property and casualty insurance brokerage firm.

Carey began his career in 1995 at Harbor Group, specializing in benefits and life insurance. Within just a few years he rose to the level of vice president of the benefits department, where he created a strong infrastructure and developed a large clientele. 


In 1999 NFP (National Financial Partners) purchased Harbor, and Carey continued to run the benefits department for Harbor and also became a property and casualty broker under NFP Property & Casualty, assisting his clients in obtaining the most competitive and robust coverage. 


In 2002 Carey formed his own brokerage firm SATS, Preferred Services Group, which continues to be a leading firm in the benefits arena. Preferred Services Group has been awarded platinum brokers by several carriers, and has continued to advocate for its clientele on any claims or issues that arise.


Carey is now focusing his management skills and his experience in 

individualized care for clients on the property and casualty industry, where he utilizes his strengths to advocate and obtain the most competitive products available. Carey attended Touro College and Shor Yoshuv College where he finished with a BA in Talmudic Law. He resides in Lawrence, N.Y., with his wife and children.

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