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Health, Life & Long-term Care


OneCap Service's Life & Health team is knowledgeable of available insurance solutions for those in the life and healthcare industries. Our staff will assist you in finding coverage to minimize the risk to both the professionals and patients. Finding the best combination of insurance coverage and rates is just the beginning.

Health Insurance


In today’s climate, Health Insurance is one of the most evolving industries and fastest changing business topics. We help identify your objectives and help design strategies to achieve them. After a thorough benefit analysis we propose recommendations that are unique to your needs. 


  • Consumer-driven Health Plans

  • Professional Employment Organization-PEO

  • Consumer-driven High Deductible Plans-CHP

  • Health Maintenance Organization-HMO

  • Health Re-imbursement Accounts-HRA

  • Preferred Provider Organization-PPO

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Health Savings Accounts-HSA

  • Exclusive Provider Organization-EPO

Life Insurance


Including insurance in your financial plan now can benefit you and your family in the future. You can protect your family’s quality of life no matter what the future brings, and save your loved ones the stress of financial worries during an already stressful time. If someone depends on you financially, chances are you need life insurance. Life insurance provides cash to your family after your death. This cash (known as the death benefit) replaces your income and can help your family meet many important financial needs like daily living expenses, mortgage payments and college savings. What's more, there is no federal income tax on life insurance benefits. Life insurance helps make sure that the people you care about will be provided for financially, even if you're not there to care for them yourself.

Long-term Care


With costs rising for nursing home care, assisted living facilities, and in-home care providers, a few short years of needing long-term care services can wipe out a lifetime of savings.


The federal government estimates that, on average, a 65-year-old today is likely to need some long-term care services for three years during his or her lifetime. Twenty percent will need that care for five years or more. Long Term Care Insurance doesn’t have to replace the care that your family may provide. But it can allow for you to be cared for longer, better and with more dignity, without depleting your retirement portfolio you may have spent your entire life building.

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