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Commercial Lines Industries


Minimize potential liability by evaluating operational procedures & contracts even before building begins. We are experienced in designing an overall risk management program for construction-related matters.

Financial Institutions

With our vast experience working with financial institutions such as hedge funds and broker dealer firms, we help you find solutions to protect your company from lawsuits alleging misdeeds when performing professional services. 


Wholesalers that manage a constant flow of people, products, and facilities. Get coverage that could protect your business against losses stemming from damage of goods during transport, or a product liability lawsuit. 

Service Professionals

Those providing professional services require insurance coverage to protect them from potential costs relating to client injuries, property damage, employee errors, and other unfortunate events. 


We are experienced in the specific insurance needs of retailers ranging from a single shop to a national chain. Our goal is to tailor your coverage plan to help shield you from any unexpected loss of property.  

Real Estate

We guide clients through the entire process – from acquisitions to reviewing leases - we simplify insurance solutions while expanding coverage aimed at decreasing the risk for uncovered losses. 


Effective insurance is necessary to maintain a financially secure environment. Onecap creates customized coverage plans that help protect your company from a variety of risks which include lawsuits and property damage protection.


If you are in the hospitality industry, minimize your risk against costly events such as sustaining property damage and being subject to a variety of unforeseen liabilities. 


We are experienced at offering the best combination of coverage and price for healthcare professionals and patients - and what will keep your operation running effectively.


Especially in our rapidly evolving digital world, technology insurance can be designed to meet the unique exposures facing this niche industry and it can truly be the key to the sustainability of your business. 

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