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Personal Lines


At Onecap Services, we are experienced at assisting our clients in understanding the best combination of insurance coverage and price for individuals in these challenging times. Finding the best rates is just the beginning; we look at insurance coverage from a 360 degree viewpoint.


Safeguard your family's financial stability with proper coverage for your home and possessions. If you own a home, co-op, condo, or rent, we can help you choose a cost-effective policy to match any client's specific needs.


Valuable Articles Insurance protects you from the loss of specific possessions such as jewelry, artwork, or furniture that are worth insuring separately so potential costs are diminished if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. 


We can help you find an insurance solution that helps mitigate the risk of operating your own aircraft, including costly liabilities. 

Flood & Earthquake

Flood and earthquakes can happen almost anywhere especially in at-risk areas. Minimize risk to your home and your valuables from extensive and costly property damage resulting from catastrophic natural disasters.  


Ensure that you and your vehicle are adequately insured against expenses arising from physical damage and bodily injury. Auto insurance protects you from claims involving an un-insured or under-insured motorist or automobile.


Similar to auto insurance, watercraft insurance protects your personal watercraft. With a specialized plan, receive payment assistance, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance and fuel spill protection. 

Workers Comp & Disability

Required-by-law, worker-related insurance will help you minimize the risk of major financial loss and the potential of future lawsuits, as well as help protect your employees from a loss of income.

Excess/Umbrella Insurance

Minimize risk to your assets with supplemental Excess/Umbrella insurance. This protects you beyond the limitations of your standard home and auto policies.  

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